Rag Rug Part 1 – work in progress

There is an upside to the long, dark winter evenings ahead, it does mean that there’s more time for getting on with making stuff. One of this year’s new projects is the making of rag rugs.

The almost obsessive collecting of vintage wool blankets over the last year or so was never in vain. Most are too worn out and damaged to serve their original purpose, but they can still be put to use. A critical mass was required to obtain a sufficient range of colours – mostly delicious Neapolitan ice-cream pastels. Dyeing them is also an option, but can get expensive so is used only sparingly to achieve the occasional richer tone.

After hemming the sackcloth backing and selecting the colours the next job is to start cutting – first into a mass of strips. The jute storage sacks sold in the shop and on the website are ideal for backing….. http://www.girlsownstore.co.uk/acatalog/Garden.html

The strips are then cut to the desired length as require. 

The rug making tool (which is essential) came from here….. http://www.makings.co.uk/

The finished article will make its appearance in a later blog. A selection is on sale now in the shop (please phone or email sales@girlsownstore.co.uk for details. They should be  available on the website in the near future.