Crinoline Ladies – again

This is how collections begin. Pick up a piece or two around the place and suddenly things start leaping out from everywhere you look.

Recent irresistible additions to the Crinoline ladies collection include this (unfinished) embroidery from the early 1950’s.It is now awaiting framing but will probably remain unfinished and all the more charming for that.

And it came with a this companion, just the plain transfer on a piece of linen which was never even started. It features an idyllic country cottage scene, picket fence and roses around the door. This whole romantic and sickly sweet theme was also extremelt popular in housewares at the time, and so could become the beginning of a whole new collection.  How many people would have the time and patience to do this sort of work these days?    

But back to the Crinoline ladies. This handmade little bag is not brilliantly executed, the awkward single handle makes it not particularly useful and the condition isn’t great. But it will hang about the place somewhere and bring pleasure all the same.