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Belmont – Lyme Regis

Belmont is well known around here. It’s that Georgian confection in Lyme Regis, once the home of author John Fowles and now owned by the Landmark Trust. It underwent a serious restoration  (covered in a TV series on the Trust) and is available as a holiday rental. But don’t hold your breath if you fancy

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Elderberry Dye – A Wonder Stuff

Elderberry dye is potent stuff. The newly discovered addiction to natural dyeing continues (to feed the Sock Knitting Machine in the previous post and as written about in another earlier post). And the wait has been on for Elderberry season. This is serious addiction! They are plentiful around here in the hedgerows. But you have

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Natural Dyes – A Whole New Adventure

Natural Dyes – they are all around, in the garden, in the fields and hedgerows, in the larder and the supermarket. And the last couple of weeks they have become something of an obsession around here. They are AMAZING – it’s total magic (well not really, it’s just chemistry). Looking into sock yarns (following the

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Playing Hostess with Constance Spry

Of course Constance Spry is best known as the doyenne of floristry through the mid 20th century. She wrote many books on the subject and, having exhausted that particular subject, then branched out into related fields. This book was stumbled upon by accident, having purchased a job lot of books at auction based on the

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