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Nordic Knitting

Midsummer is the time to start thinking about winter woollies. All hand knitters will know that you have to plan ahead. This pattern is from a free booklet that came with an edition of Woman and Home in 1963.  It’s perfectly suited to the whole Scandinavian look that is, as they say, ‘bang on trend.’ It’s

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That Vernon Ward Bloke

This is another collection that started by accident – vintage flying duck and seabird prints. The artist is often that Vernon Ward bloke. Vernon Ward (1905 – 1985) was an English painter and commercial artist. He was extremely prolific and his work was particularly popular for many years for greeting cards; being very English and tasteful to

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Lots of Little People

The knick-knack shelves in the shop are usually home to kittens, ponies, very tiny teapots and other such kitsch items. But at the moment there seems to be a gathering of  little people. And they’re quite an international bunch.   There’s a band of wooden Russian balalaika players. They are very jolly. And a couple of Portuguese drummers

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School Posters – A Vintage Education

  With all the interest shown in the vintage school posters recently featured on the Girl’s Own Store Facebook page, it seems only right and proper to  give them some more attention here in greater detail.  They date from around the 1950’s, measure 53 x 43cm, and are beautifully printed in rich, saturated tones covering a variety of subjects. They are in remarkably

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