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Gorse Dyeing – (And other Uses)

Gorse Dyeing is something that’s been on the list to try. Another natural dye making adventure. At this time of year nature’s bounty for dye stuffs aren’t so plentiful. But as they say ‘When Gorse is out of bloom kissing’s out of fashion’ and the bright yellow blooms are all over the hills, hedges, heaths

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Elderberry Dye – A Wonder Stuff

Elderberry dye is potent stuff. The newly discovered addiction to natural dyeing continues (to feed the Sock Knitting Machine in the previous post and as written about in another earlier post). And the wait has been on for Elderberry season. This is serious addiction! They are plentiful around here in the hedgerows. But you have

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Natural Dyes – A Whole New Adventure

Natural Dyes – they are all around, in the garden, in the fields and hedgerows, in the larder and the supermarket. And the last couple of weeks they have become something of an obsession around here. They are AMAZING – it’s total magic (well not really, it’s just chemistry). Looking into sock yarns (following the

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It’s Apple Blossom Time

Nothing beats apple blossom to say ‘Spring is here!’ So time to see some – orchards full. Back in August last year a hunt for orchards led to Mid Lambrook, just over the the border into Somerset. This trip featured in a previous post. Now it was time to make a return visit. The flowering

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In Search of Orchards

Some good, old apple crates in the shop at the moment lead to thinking about apples, which lead to thinking about orchards and a compelling urge to see some. The hunt was on. There are a few dotted around this part of Dorset – but not on any scale. It was time to venture further

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