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Winter Project – Crochet Blanket

A winter project – this year it’s a crochet blanket. This is a must to beat the winter blues and to stave off in advance any inclination towards S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder).  Think about it now, before Christmas. Find your project, something ambitious and labour intensive for preference. Buy your materials now (or put them on your Christmas

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The Tunisian Crochet Project

Tunisian Crochet is a hybrid beast, somewhere between knitting and crochet. It uses a long crochet hook, sometimes called an Afghan Hook (as Tunisian crochet is also sometimes called Afghan crochet). It has a stopper at the end. You work back and forwards along the hook – always working on the ‘right’ side. This post

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Vintage Cookery – Kippers to Caviar

Vintage cookery (via vintage cookbooks) is an insight into social history as much as it’s about the recipes themselves. Now here’s a strange little gem, written by Helen Burke, who was the cookery correspondent of the Evening Standard at the time of its publication. As it states on the fly leaf it’s about impressing your guests,

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Vintage Patchwork – History in Textiles

Vintage Patchwork, there’s nothing quite like it and once in a blue moon something really exciting turns up. The shabby cardboard box didn’t look that promising but you can just make out the writing ‘Quilt – to be finished’. It was lying unceremoniously underneath a table of quite ordinary ‘collectable’ gubbins. And here’s the thing.

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