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Anyone for Real Tennis?

A proper Real Tennis court in Bridport? Oh yes. Well in Walditch to be precise, which is a little village high on a hill to the south overlooking the town. The Hyde Real Tennis Court is a wonderful building, like a great fancy stone barn, put a spire on the top and it might be mistaken

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The Boiled Cake Experiment

Boiled Cake? It just sounds so wrong. This is heading for the recipe hand written in the frontispiece of a 1955 edition of ‘Radiation Cookery Book – for use with the Regulo New World Gas Cookers’ It’s a very handy book for basic recipes from pastry to ‘Invalid Cookery’ (a whole chapter). But Boiled Cake?

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Blandford Fashion Museum

The lovely Blandford Fashion Museum is well worth a visit if you like your textiles. And it’s not all about the Buttons (see last week’s post). Now it seems only fair to give some attention to some of the other ‘stuff’. It’s basically the collection of one woman – Mrs Penny – who gathered together

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