Monthly Archives: "March 2014"

‘Leftover’ Pie

Hot-water crust pastry has been on the list of new things to try for a while now. And it’s really not that hard at all, it just takes longer in the oven. This pie used up leftover pieces of chicken and stuffing with some chopped up ham. You could put all manner of things inside.

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The Hills of Bridport

“The shepherd on the east hill could shout out lambing intelligence to the shepherd on the west hill, over the intervening town chimneys, without great inconvenience to his voice, so nearly did the steep pastures encroach upon the burghers’ backyards. And at night it was possible to stand in the very midst of the town

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Patchwork Quilt Stories

Strange how things happen sometimes. This week two things turned up, seemingly unconnected at first, but a story soon appeared: Firstly there was a poor, shabby scrap of a quilt. It has clearly seen better days. The scraps are predominantly floral dress prints and checked and shirt cottons. The second is a book, ‘The Farm

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