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Littlebredy Walled Gardens.

Littlebredy Walled Gardens are a romantic, hidden gem tucked into the folds of the Bride Valley. The hamlet of Littlebredy is itself a place lost in time. This once lost and derelict Victorian Walled Garden is now looked after by a not-for-profit community venture. See here for more information and opening times.    

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Nordic Knitting

Midsummer is the time to start thinking about winter woollies. All hand knitters will know that you have to plan ahead. This pattern is from a free booklet that came with an edition of Woman and Home in 1963.  It’s perfectly suited to the whole Scandinavian look that is, as they say, ‘bang on trend.’ It’s

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Going Round A La Ronde

   A La Ronde is an extraordinary place.   Just outside Exmouth in Devon, it is a sixteen sided house built in 1795 for cousins Jane and Mary Parminter. They were two single women who, after an extensive European tour, wanted somewhere to live and house the many curiosities acquired on their travels. It is

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