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Tunis Cake – a Christmas alternative

For those who don’t really like traditional Christmas cake there is a delicious alternative. Tunis Cake is a lemon flavoured madeira cake topped with an extremely thick and luscious layer of chocolate. In the 1970’s the one made by McVities was decorated with exuberant frills of pink and yellow icing. Traditionally it is decorated with marzipan fruits, but since these

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Rag Rug Part 2 – the finished article

Just a quick post this one – following on from the ‘work in progress’ post a short while back.  Here’s a completed rag rug in all its glory. Having experimented with different styles, the multi-coloured squares have proved to be the most popular. Each rug is unique, depending on the selection of blankets available to

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Soda Bread

Home baking is enjoying a huge revival at the moment.  But bread making can require a prohibitive amount of time for all that kneading and proving. Irish Soda Bread is the quick solution when time is short, as bicarbonate of soda is used rather than yeast as the raising agent. This recipe takes just minutes to prepare.  Buttermilk is available

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