Monthly Archives: "November 2010"

Some Flannel

  Call it flannel, flannelette, winceyette or just brushed cotton. This is the ideal fabric for warming winter nightwear. As a general definition, flannel (flannette, winceyette) is a plain or twill weave napped cotton fabric. It is this napping (scratching to raise the fibres on the surface) which gives it the distinctive soft or fuzzy feel.

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Teatime Treats- Macaroon Tarts

Macaroons are making a comeback. Combine with classic jam tarts for a real granny style teatime treat. So simple.  This recipe is taken from ‘Exciting Cooking and 1001 Household Hints’, published in 1959 by Literary Press.                                                                                                           You will need: Short Crust Pastry (made with 6oz/175g flour, 1.5oz/40g baking fat, 1.5oz/40g butter, pinch of salt, half

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Homemade Marmalade – a quick cheat

Homemade marmalade is just so quintessentially English, no breakfast table should be without it. But there are a couple of drawbacks: Seville oranges are only available for a very short time early in the year, and the preparation required is very time consuming. The solution is to cheat – just a little. Mamade – those tins of

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